Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dictionary in regional languages

Hi again...

Thanks for the appreciation for my first work. This is just an extension of my older dictionary work. This allows to look up the word in regional languages...

Ok here you go.

Hindi -> हिंदी
Kannada -> ಕನ್ನಡ
Tamil -> தமில்
Telugu -> తెలుగు
Gujarati -> ગુજરાથી
Marathi -> मराठी
Malayalam -> മലയാളം
Bengali -> বেঙ্গালি

And again using it is easy.
  1. Enable bookmark toolbar(Click here if you don't know how)
  2. Drag the link to toolbar(Right click and add to favorites in Internet Explorer)
  3. Select any word in any page and just click that bookmark link to get the meaning of selected word.
Any languages left out...? If so please leave a comment... I will add it...


roopi said...

maga where is Sanskrit...????

Anonymous said...

maga where is konkani B)

Abhilash S Hebbar said...


Sorry dude... I can add languages that google provides in its dictionary... Konkani is not present in google Dictionary...

Shaik said...

what about urdu???

Santhosh Mugoor (ಸಂk) said...

Good effort Abhi.

I will start using it and let you know if there is anything that can be added/improved.

Let the good work continue ...


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